StarryBay Smart Watch Phone - Black

For iPhone,it only supports part of the function as Pedometer, Calendar, Call Sync, Calculator, Clock, Stopwatch,music play,handsfree.

Please insert SIM card which can be used as a regular Cell Phone and Push the battery into the base according to the direction mark. 

If you put into a SIM card,the watch can be used as a standalone smartphoneon your wrist,like making calls,receiving or sending texts,searching the internet. Through Bluetooth,you can not search the internet,receive or reply texts.

APK is the abbreviation of Android Package including BT Notification Android,Fendo APP Android. BT Notification supports remote prompt,anti-lost,remote camera. Fendo Company is a customized personal fitness monitor which can keep your heathy.

Open the QR code on the watch >Scan it by the scanner on your phone >Click&download the APK >Install the APK on your Android smartphone.

The QR code is global used and applied to any scanner.If there is no scanner on your phone,please download one in the app store.Therefore,you can download the APK on you Android smartphone not iPhone.

The watch mode is automatically set into company mode/flight mode.Please change it into normal mode and you can make calls,use network, ect.

$ 54.90
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